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Modern Dolls

Tenney- 2025

There were crowds screaming Tenney's name. She was now 20, and her fanbase has grown largely ever since she started at the age of 12. Logan, who was 22, stood right by Tenney. There were some rumors that the two were dating and would maybe get married, but rumors are rumors- they might always not be true. As Tenney- in a luxury dress made in Paris- strutted down the red carpet of the Grammys- she made sure to always have poise. After all, there were photographers taking photos every second Tenney and Logan were on the red carpet. As she posed with Logan, Tenney thought of her first performance when she was so young. That first song sounded so strange compared to Tenney's song that was on the radio currently- all-pop. Now, she was about to win Album of the Year. Or would she?

Z- 2024- by Gracie Brown

I, Suzanne Yang, or as my friends call me, Z, was working on a real movie set for about the tenth time. Now 20 years-old, I was the director of an all new documentary about, would you believe it? Myself. It was the story of my life, I guess everyone loved my movie-making skills so much, that they all wanted to know how I became a director. So I wrote out the script, and designed the storyboard. When I showed everyone, they said that they loved it, and they wanted me to direct it! I was so excited. I was sitting in my director's chair that read “Z Yang” on it, holding my director's Clapboard. It felt so amazing to be on the set of a real movie, making a documentary about myself nonetheless! The first scene was ready to be filmed, “Miss Yang, we're ready for you.” A lady said to me. “Great. I'm coming,” I replied. I stood up and walked over to the set; there were cameras everywhere, all pointing at the small girl who was going to play me. I walked up to the main camera, held the clapboard in front of it, and clapped it shut, calling “action!” The girl began acting out the scene in 'my' bedroom. There was a girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was playing my best friend Lauren––who was now a star soccer player, and had won numerous trophies and prizes. Lauren was going to the Olympics this year. It was such an amazing experience to see my life acted out in front of me. And one of the best parts––my real parents were acting in the movie. It was so funny to be directing a movie with my parents in it; they were such natural actors, I couldn't believe they hadn't tried it before! We finished filming the movie, edited it, produced it, and it was playing in theaters for the first time. My best friends all made it to the premiere of my movie––Lauren, Mariela, Andrew, Maddie, the whole camera club, and Needles in a Haystack––even Becka and Gigi made it! It was a full house, I couldn't believe that so many people showed up to see my movie! The movie began playing, in big letters across the screen it read “The Real Z”. Then it read “A True Story”. After the film was over, everyone applauded, and I stood in front of them. I did a curtsy, then thanked them all for coming. That, was the best day of my life. And I'll always remember it.

Lindsey- 2078- by @theschuylerdolls on Instagram

Lindsey runs for president, but Bob Smith wins. 

Rebecca- 2020- by Historicals Gone Modern

"Squeak, Squeak" The curtain started to rise and crowd started to clap. All I could think about was how confident I was. Once the crowd stopped clapping, the music played and- "Beep, Beep!" My alarm clock just went off. I covered my face in the blankets feeling like I was forgetting something. Then it hit me, literally someone threw a book at my head! I removed my covers revealingly my face about to yell at the person, then I realized it was my Uncle. "Wake up there are two things on the agenda, your birthday and-" "My audition!" I exclaimed. I got up shoved him out of my room and slammed the door. I thought to myself forget about being twenty, I'm going to have my first audition to be on Broadway! I ripped open my closet and started to throw out clothes. Then I found a burgundy dress with brass buttons and some black and white boots. I then curled my hair and secured it with a matching brass clip. I was ready to go. I was finally ready to go, my first big shot at anything. Since I turned twenty I could drive without my whole family in the car. My parents are a little overprotective, but my Uncle said he would sit in the passenger seat. I hugged my parents and went to the car to find my uncle already sitting in the passenger seat. I got in and pulled out of the driveway. I was completely terrified, my Uncle was giving me a lecture about auditions and nerves, but I couldn't just seem to pay attention. I had one thing on my mind: don't blow this. I pulled up to the theater and my stomach did a somersault. There were a great sum of actors and actresses. My Uncle wished me luck and I told him I would need it. It was pretty chilled inside and that made me look even more nervous than I already was. Then it was about 3 hours later on the loudspeaker someone said,"Number 1914 please come on stage." I felt like I was going to hurl. I slowly made my way up to the stage my heart beating so fast I thought the people in the parking lot could hear it. They told me to sing a song I prepared and to go whenever I was ready. It took me about five minutes to comprehend what was happening. Then I thought of my Uncle and I poured my heart out. I sang "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Meghan Trainor. It felt like the audition went on for hours but it was only three minutes. They said thank you and I left. I waited three whole months for call backs. I was tearing my hair out waiting for the phone call. Then it happened, it finally happened. They said they wanted me to come back. I shrieked and screamed. I couldn't hold it back, I started crying and I hugged my Uncle and my family. jumping up and down. I was in the waiting room again. I threw up in my mouth. Then on the speaker again they called my name. I went toward the stage and I could taste the throw up in my mouth. I was sweating. I decided to sing "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys. After I was done I thought I was going to pass out. I waited 5 months this time to figure out if I was in her musical or not. Then the call finally came. I looked at my Uncle and back a two the phone. He grabbed and said,"I'm speaking for Rebecca I'm her Uncle, yes I understand, oh yes, yes, thank you." He had a grim look on his face. My eyes started welling up then he said, "I'm sorry, that I fooled you! YOU GOT IN THE MUSICAL!" Then I just bursted into tears. I screamed thank you and hugged him. We had eleven months of rehearsal then it would be showtime. They told us that the musical was Hamilton. I was going to be casted as the part of Eliza. I just couldn't believe it. Then the day came. The day finally came after all that waiting. I heard the "Squeak, Squeak!" Of the curtain rising and the crowd was applauding. Then they stopped. I had one thing on my mind and that was how terrified I was. Then the music started playing and I entered my first scene on Broadway.

Lea- 2025- by Awesome Alpaca AG

It was one of the most important days of my life. I was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the highest mountains in the world, to raise awareness for cancer. As I was climbing, I started to get nervous. Last time I did a hike like this, I broke my kneecap, and had to get surgery. The doctors said I would probably wouldn't be able to climb again, but I kept trying. Now that I was climbing, my knee started to hurt. I was going to quit and stop all of this, but then I remembered that all those people have to suffer much more than I do. When I got to the top of that mountain, I felt like I could to anything. Until, walking down, I was having trouble breathing from the air. When I finally got to the end of the mountain, I was rushed to the hospital. I stayed there for a couple of days, until I was released. When I got home, I realized how lucky I was. Even though, I had broken my kneecap, and had trouble breathing, it could have been worse. That's when I realized, that what I'm meant to do was raise awareness for deadly diseases, and try to find cures. And that's where I am now.

Kanani- 2022- by Sophie

Kanani Akina was no longer your typical Hawaiian girl. Even though she had lived all her childhood in Waipuna, at 18 she moved to the States to become a professional photographer. Now at 21, she was a world renowned photographer, and had been to every continent except Antarctica. She wasn't exactly fond of the cold. Kanani would be heading back to Waipuna for the first time since she left - and she couldn't help but think of the poor monk seal she had saved all those years ago with her cousin Rachel. As her plane landed, it suddenly dawned on her that she wasn't sure how many monk seals were left. She hadn't had time to think about them with her big photography career. Now she hoped they were still visiting Olino Cove in Waipuna. If they were still endangered, she would do everything she could to save them.

Saige- 2025- by AGPuppyBliss

Saige was standing in her painting room getting ready to showcase her paintings at a fundraiser for kids with cancer. She had worked on the paintings for 7 months and she finally finished. The night before Saige gathered her painting and placed them in the car. The next morning, Saige drove down there. She seen a familiar face, it was Tessa. They talked for hours until the showcase started. As the showcase started, Saige's paintings were selling like crazy. Saige counted the money and smiled at how much money she raised. Saige completed her goal of $10,000.

McKenna- 2025- by AGPuppyBliss

McKenna was nervous to perform gymnastics. It has been 3 years since she last did gymnastics. McKenna started to do her routine until she fell and broke both of her legs. In the hospital, McKenna decided to be a retired gymnast. McKenna had  awesome years in gymnastics.

Grace- 2027- by Frenchie Fries

Grace grimaced as the needle went into her skin. She still grimaced each time it happened, even though she had been doing it frequently since the day the doctor told her she had stage 3 Lymphoma. She closed her eyes and remembered the days leading up to her diagnosis. She thought about winning middle school president and her mom's embrace. She remembered taking Bonbon to the patisserie to sell her macarons, whose mix was now sold in stores around the world. She thought about Sylvie coming to visit. The next week, she woke up in the emergency room after passing out during a bake sale. That's when she received the devastating diagnosis. After that, everything went downhill. Her grades went from all a's the b's and c's. She watched Bonbon be run over by a speeding motorcyclist. Her mother had a miscarriage and her father abandoned them. Her mother became insecure and depressed, often leaving the house for days on end. But then Grace met Steven. In her sophomore year, they started dating, and continued all through high school and college. Steven made her feel better about the things she experienced. He gave her a rabbit, who she named Oliver, and it was their "child". She had someone to confide in and someone who would shape her into the wonderful woman she would be. Grace left her chemo session calm and content. Steven pulled up to the curb and let her in. He drove her to their favorite picnic spot, and got out the picnic basket. He took Oliver out of his car seat and they ate a nice lunch together, laughing and chatting. Suddenly, Grace bit down on something hard in her sandwich. She spit it out and saw a beautiful diamond ring. In awe she looked up at Steven. He smiled, but before he could say a word, Grace screamed "Yes!" and tackled him in a bear hug, knowing everything would be just fine.

Gabriela- 2028- by AJ

I was looking up at my poems. I noticed how far my poetry had come. I remember first reciting a poem out loud. I don't stutter much while I say a poem any more. Words come to me much easier now than when I was younger. I looked out of my office. The White House Lawn was beautiful. I recently became president. I was having a great day.

TM #28- 2023- by Larry The Llama

Shy Natalie Fredrickson walked into the cold, dark room slowly, clutching her violin. Three slim professors eyed her as she walked toward the center. This was it - The only thing standing between her and the most prestigious music school in the country was this audition. Slowly she picked up her bow and started to play the first few notes. The sound of Beethoven filled the little room until the very last note. All three of the professors clapped stiffly as she curtseyed shyly and walked out of the room. She knew at that moment that even if she wasn't accepted, she was still a great musician, no matter how shy she was.

TM #37- 2024- by HiImAwesome

As an 18 year old swimmer and recent high school graduate, Melody was determined to be the first women's Olympic swimmer with autism on the normal team. She had made an Olympic trial cut time and so wished to make it in. The Olympic Trials were next month. While Melody had severe autism and could barely speak in normal conversation, she was ready to go. Back when she started swimming at the age of 7 as an energy outlet, she was not very good and had a very hard time listening to coaches. Now, 11 years later, she had gotten a great interest for swimming and had learned to pay attention. She had even made friends on her teams through these 11 years! Now she couldn't believe that she could potentially go to the Olympics! Will she make the cut?

Isabelle- 2025- by AlyseMarie

Isabelle stood in the dressing room, worrying. She was worrying that she would fail the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. She was worrying that she would mess up and embarrass herself in front of the full theater of people. She was worrying that she would let down the crowd. But most of all, she was worrying that she would let herself down. As she heard the music for her first part, she lightly ran to the stage, and began to dance. She danced beautifully, and at the end she wondered why she was ever worried.

Marisol- 2024- by Madee

Marisol has dreamed of this moment her entire life. She was doing ballet in front of millions of people. When she finished dancing,everyone applauded and started screaming, "Marisol! Marisol!" She was grinning from ear to ear as the cheering continued. A few minutes later she found her family. She hugged her family as they congratulated her. "Where do you want to go now?", her cousin Mariana asked. "I don't care, as long as you guys come!", she replied."Hey let's throw a barbecue!", her other cousin Dahlia said. "OMG YES!", Marisol screamed. "Let's invite all our Tios and Tias and our cousins!", Marco replied. Mariana and Dahlia were going make tamales. Marco was going to make hot dogs and burgers. Marisol knew today was already the best day of her life.

Logan- 2021- by agdollseverlasting

The day was perfect. A classic summer day with cotton candy clouds and a light breeze. But all 18 year old Logan Everett could think about was the guitar posed on his lap. He slowly plucked out the melody that had formed in his brain only seconds before. But as he played his mind wandered to the static filled TV. The TV suddenly flickered to life as a bubbly, curly blond haired, brown eyed 16 year old girl talked about her conversion from country to pop. Tenney Grant. Logan grimaced as the image of his former music partner laughed and talked with the reporter. Tenney and Logan had been on a roll with tours and a growing fan base when 6 months ago out of the blue Tenney broke her contract with Zane, their producer and signed on to a pop record. An outraged Zane quickly hired him as a solo country artist but my career hasn't leaped like Tenney's new pop one. Two weeks had passed since the melody had popped into Logan's head and he was warming up his voice to record when suddenly his phone beeped. Tenney Grant popped up on the screen. He slowly clicked the ignore button and went back to singing. But there it was again the annoying ringing sound. Tenney Grant buzzed on the screen. Annoyed he clicked the delete button again but when the third call came he picked up. A broken version of Tenney started sobbing just as he was about to gruffly ask her what she wanted. Two hours later Logan hung up, pulled the keys out of his pocket and slammed them into his car, excitedly he began driving to the house he had been to so many times before. He and Tenney were going to write music together!

Kaya- 2017- by Hii!!!!

Today, I, Kaya'aton'my, turn seventeen. Today I have to teach the younger kids a traditional dance. I enjoy practicing old traditions, but adopting new ones too, my grandmother, on the other hand, has a different opinion.. Today, I was reading one of my favorite timeless classics.. Harry Potter! I am definitely a Gryffindor! My grandma came over to me and scolded me saying, "Kaya! What are you doing! You should be teaching the children young lady!". I groaned, the children were having so much fun, playing tag, I simply knew they didn't want to be taught a difficult dance.. I needed a break, I decided to go on a ride with my horse, Steps High… As I was getting on my horse my sister, Speaking Rain, came over to me. She was blind, but was kind of getting used to walking by herself…. "Kaya? You're here right? Shouldn't you be teaching the little kids?" she asked me, "Yes, but they just look so happy playing, I don't want to ruin that!", I replied, "Oh Kaya, Classic Kaya… Don't you understand? The kids need to learn the dance so they can pass it on from generation through generation? You think that dance is new? Our ancestors danced the exact one that you did, don't you like those traditions Kaya? Just something to think about…", she told me. I did think about this, and quickly dashed off to teach the children. 1 WEEK LATER… Today, the children were going to dance, all of them, it was part of a tradition that I loved so dearly! I was watching them happily, my grandmother looked at me, she didn't smile, but smirked instead!! I realized why, I had finally understood her and Speaking Rain's point, the old traditions were awesome!

Lanie- 2020- by Hermione

My life is now so full of excitement. I've went almost everywhere. I looked at my journal, which I started 2 years ago. Since then, I have been traveling across the world. Now, I was back home, hoping my adventure could go on forever. But, my friends and family said I needed a break. Right now, I was supposed to be resting after my adventures. I had been away from home for a long time. I remembered all I had done on my trip. I am really sore after my trip. I knew I could make a life out of this. Adventure was my world. Soon, I would be exploring again. But for now, I thought. It's time to take a break.

M- 2022- by Awesome Alpaca AG

I'm M. My friend Z is now a filmmaker and I, M am a fashion designer. I've shown my fashion to many celebrities, including, one of my favorite singers, Tenney Grant! I've even designed costumes for movies, like Z's and gone to the premiers. I guess all the practice I've done on Z really payed off!

Truly Me 29- 2023- by AmazingHawaiian

After many years I still long to find my passion. Yes I liked to sing, read, write, do gymnastics, have sleepovers, and just hang out with my friends but, timed has passed yet I still struggle with what makes me well me. DING! my phone rang and I picked it up. Dear Brittney We would love if you would addition for HHM cheer team come around tomorrow around 8 am. Maybe this was it could it be? The next day I rushed up and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. I drove over to the gym. A young spunky girl met me. I joined a group of girls in turquoise uniforms and we warmed up. I was told I would be a good flyer for my size two girls lifted me up and I was flying. This was what I was missing my life! Now I am a professional cheerleader and I love everything about it. Flying, routines, the tricks. This was the life. Now I have to see what happens next ........

Maryellen- 2030- by AJ

3,2,1 Liftoff! We have Liftoff! The words were hard to hear over the roar of the spaceship. I was on a the first ever spaceship to Mars! I could hardly hold my excitement in! YES!! I screamed. My biggest dream had come true! I was making history right now! I knew I would soon be the first Human on Mars! As the captain of the ship, I got to be the first person to ever step on Mars! I couldn't wait to do it, to take foot on Mars. My life is a bundle of excitement. The team all high- fived. We knew we would make history soon!

Mia- 2028- by Ariana The Great

I soared across the ice, leaping into the air and landing with a spin. The crowd cheered as I took my finally curtsy, then slid towards the exit of the rink. My last performance for the day; wow! It had been a LONG day! Ten performances!! Wow, I was TIRED!! I was used to it though. Now that I was twenty, I was a professional figure skater, and doing tons of performances per day was my normal schedule. I looked at my watch. Seven-forty-five. I still had time before I was going to play hockey with my brothers. I used that time to meet with some of my fans, then hopped into my car and drove to a rink about twenty minutes away: the one my brothers always played at. As soon as I got there, I tied on my skates and met them on the ice. Suddenly, the puck went airborne, and, in an attempt to not get hit, I swerved to the side,crashing into the ice in the process...


I woke up with a bunch a doctors staring right at me. "Patient #323 is up!!" One called. Many more doctors rushed in, along with my brothers and my parents. "What happened?" I asked warily. "You crashed into the ice," Dad answered, "and you both your legs and your spine." "Unfortunately," said one of the doctors, "you will no longer be able to skate. Ever."

WellieWishers- 2022- by Spectrum

The girls are looking forward to their 1st day of Middle School, but there is a catch. The girls each want to do a class separately. Ashlyn wants to be apart of the Drama Club, Willa plans on taking Biology, Camille signed up to be on Swim Team, Emerson is heading for the Musical Theater department, and Kendall has a robotics class on her class sheet. The girls are afraid that the only times that they will spend some time together are on Lunch Break and in between classes. Kendall vowed to think of a plan until she found out that the separate subjects are all taught by Ms. Miranda Teagan who also happens to be Willa's aunt. Then, Emerson whispers to the girls " Remember when we used to go to her garden every weekend!" the girls say " Yes!" Ashlyn then says " We each have a in between class break that is during the separate classes." ( The girls cheer as their problem is solved.) The girls have proved that they can still be in each other's wellies, even during the school year.

Nanea- 2017- by Agpuppybliss

Nanea was teaching kids how to do hula. She got a job as being a hula teacher. She does like to teach but some kids are disrespectful but she still does what she loves.

Historical Dolls

Rebecca- 1939- by Ariana the Great on YouTube

I couldn't believe what had gone down in the past year: the terror had begun. My family and I had been lucky, because we were in the US, but in Germany and surrounding countries, Jews were experiencing all sorts of mayhem. Now that I was twenty-five, I had realized some things: like that I wasn't the cute little dramatic girl I once was. Sure, I was a famous movie star now, but I still was a lot different than before. I used to think the biggest problem was being too young to light the Hanukkah candles. But now I realize it's much more than that. Tonight in particular, I, Rebecca Rubin, felt even worse for the people suffering. Had I taken advantage of my amazing life? I believed I had. I was worried what would happen to the Jews. I was one of the very few Jews in good shape, and so many were in terrible situations caused by none other than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. I didn't know how I'd perform my one-woman play tonight, that was all about my life. I realized something the moment before I stepped onto that stage: I was a whole different person deep down than the person who was about to get on that stage. I was not "Beckie Ruby." I was Rebecca Rubin. And it was time I said so. I quickly slid out of the fancy dress I was expected to wear, and quickly grabbed an old dress, a red one, with black buttons. It was too small. Of course it was. The last time I had worn it was when I was 11. I quickly grabbed a needle and thread, and began sewing. I had one hour to make it bigger and I was determined to do it.


Finally, I had finished. The show began five minutes later. By then I was wearing the dress with my hair not in the designated braids, it was in loose bouncy curls. And I quickly grabbed an old pin with Hebrew words written on it. As I pinned it on myself, I walked onstage. The crowd cheered as I walked onstage. "Becky Ruby, Becky Ruby!" I shook my head. "That's not my name." I replied, shocking the audience, including my manager. "I am Rebecca Rubin, a Jew at heart." A few people gasped. "This play will not be what you expected, it will be better. This play was supposed to tell my life story, but the script written for me was not my true life story at all. Honestly, I'd like to free all Jews from the misery they are forced into." I began to wipe tears away that I didn't know were rolling down my cheeks. "Please, put a little love in your heart. The money from this play, and if you have any donations that would help as well, will go to Jews fighting in the war so that Jews can win." "Why should Jews win?" A man called out. "Because innocent people are being killed," I said fiercely, "including young children. Please, be kind, and save these innocent lives." The show continued, and a lot of people donated. At the end, I counted up the money. WHOA!!! Three hundred dollars, not including the play fees. I soon added those too. Added to the three hundred, I had $500 to give to Jews! AHHH!!! I went to mail in the money right away. On my way to the NYC Post Office, I saw a man repainting a billboard of me. The original one had me in a starry black dress with my stage name, "Becky Ruby" on the top. But now, there was a picture of the me I saw in the show today, and the words "Rebecca Rubin." I had changed my image, and best of all, the image of the Jews as well.

Julie- 2001- by duh_itz_olivia

My heart was beating like drum in my chest. I was so focused to winning this game and taking the trophy home. I knew basketball is my passion for ever and always. I was 35 now and I played basketball for the NBA. I remember when I played on a boys basketball team when I was a kid. I was so right that playing on a boys basketball team was going to turn out groovy in the end. But now I was a millionaire and one of the worlds best girl basketball players. Now I made my final decision of what angle I should throw the ball to. I threw the ball throw the hoop and all my amazing fans cheered for me! Graditude boiled inside me I was so happy I made it this far with my passion. As I was holding the gold heavy trophy I remembered all the stress and unhappy times in my life. My dad and mom getting in divorce, my made Fun of my height and beauty status at school. I was now standing up to be 6"8 feet high. I also taught about my other dream becoming the first president of America. So to all the girls out threre if you have a dream acomplish it and work on it until its done right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kit- 1944- by HiImAwesome

Ten years later, Kit Kittredge now writes for a local newspaper during World War 2. She has gotten even more passionate about writing then she had 10 years ago. She had been active in writing about the happenings of the war in America and the effects of the Great Depression when she grew up. She had also started dating Stirling, who she had met in the past.

Nanea- 1971- by Spectrum

Nanea is heading to Pearl Harbor for the 30 year anniversary of the attack. When she got to Pearl Harbor, she noticed a memorial building that she had never seen before. She went inside and tears started to shed down her face. She could never imagine that lots of U. S. military members have died. After visiting the memorial, she vowed to visit the memorial every December 7th for the rest of her life.

Melody- 1983- by Spectrum

Melody Ellison is so excited to be part of the Sounds of the 60's world tour. Even though the tour is about to wrap up in Barcelona, Spain, she still couldn't contain her excitement for the sold out show. Melody knows that she hadn't had any concerts before the tour began in September of 1982. All of a sudden, Melody starts on having flashbacks for when she sang for Motown Records in the 60's and 70's , then she found out that she knew the answer all along in her 1963 debut single "Lift up your Voice and Sing" . As soon as the tour wrapped up, Melody felt the confidence to write songs for a comeback album called " Music in your Soul" to be released in the spring of 1984.

Felicity- 1784- by laurenlovestigers

I can't believe that this war is finally over. I'm 20 and after my grandfather died and I came of age, because of my love of horses my parents let me inherit grandfather's plantation. Now I've bought horses of all different breeds to stay here in our stables. Patriot is getting so old, and it's unbelievable what has happened over only one decade since I met Penny. Ben, no longer is an apprentice at my dad's shop instead now he serves as a soldier in the military. Today I am going to the stables and and giving horseback riding lessons to kids. They're so sweet and they're so independent, adventurous, and loving. I walked on over to the coral where we met before I would teach. Then I said:"Welcome back for some lessons, today, we will go on a long ride to fully experience what is like to simply be as free as a stallion. I showed the riders to where their horses' stalls were, and then I walked over to Patriot's stall. Riding was the best, teaching was merely second best. As we all got ready to set off, I remembered that I had a tea party with Elizabeth immediately after this lesson. Well, oh well I thought I guess I'll just change out of my hat, shirt, jacket, breeches, and boots, and into that itchy petticoat and some different fancy shoes and run on over after. Riding made me feel so free even if it was for a short time. Living in a free nation makes feel even better though.

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