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Yay! All of us dolls are so excited to announce that Anita Stops The Bullying is finished! Hallelujah! Now, we have to wait for Madison to come over again and Sydney to get rid of her laryngitis, so they can record! We are soooooooooo having an epic dance party. Isabelle, everything dosen’t have to be an epic dance party! Oops, I wanted a dance party! Come on, let’s turn on the disco lights in Sydney’s house and dance all day. Yah, great idea! I love the disco lights! How about we turn the fan on, too? And we can dance in both the playroom and the bathroom! Jinks, Sydney! Silly Anna. Now we gotta celebrate! We should’nt just have a dance party. We can sneak on Sydney’s iPad and have a GMW/Martha Speaks marathon! I love those shows! Besides, there so awesome that there the only shows that Sydney has on her iPad! But Isabelle, Sydney went to the bathroom during Girl Meets 1961, and when she was back she said, “Sydney, your messing with my mind! Your watching Girl Meets World without me!” She could’ve been kidding. Uh oh, Sydney’s coming to her bedroom…

Sydney, Anna and Isabelle

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