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Hot news about Grace

Hi. Isabelle here. I have HOT Girl of the Year 2015 NEWS! It’s official, GOTY 2015’s first name is Grace. I have a feeling that her last name is Thomas. Sydney will be happy, because her old friend’s last name is Thomas! And I know the names of the whole book series!

1: Grace

2: Grace Stirs It Up

3: Grace Makes it Great

EEEK! I wonder what she’ll look like! Sydney and Madison want her to have the Marie-Grace face mold. I secretly hope that she has bangs. There hasn’t been a banged GOTY in the history of forever, unless if you count Gwen. Gwen dosen’t really count, because she was just a friend, but who cares! Next AG Book: WE NEED A BANGED GOTY! By Isabelle Cooper Palmer, with help from Sydney Jean and Madison Katrina.

Isabelle C. Palmer

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