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Felicity here. Sydney is getting a new doll. She won’t tell us! I wonder who she’s getting. She’ll get the doll tomorrow, because Anna told me that she’s going to the AG Store in Charlotte (just a half hour away!) with Madison tomorrow morning. And the new doll (plus the doll that Maddie is going to get, Rebbeca) gets to go to the movies to see “The Book of Life”. LUCKY! I never got to go to the movies in my life, even with my past owners! Done with LUCKY! Let’s get down to business and try to figure out who Sydney’s going to get. All we know is that she has light skin and brown eyes.

1: Josefina. Sydney has wanted Josefina since April. Enough said.

2: Samantha. Sydney was in awe with her curly hair. But she looks a little too much like Ivy. Wait, we should cross her off.

2: Samantha. There!

3: MAG 53. Really cute. There aren’t a lot of dolls out there with that look. But Sydney has too much blondes, so 3: MAG 53. There!

4: MAYBE SHE SECRETLY GOT LINDSEY FROM EBAY! Wait, she would tell us if she got Lindsey from Ebay. So: 4: MAYBE SHE SECRETLY GOT LINDSEY FROM EBAY! There! So, world, meet Sydney’s Josefina. Coming October 25, 2014.


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