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Truly Me Confirmed!

Hello people of the world, my name is Abigail. I’m new to this place. I’m TM #24, and today I prove that I am smarter than Isabelle. While Isabelle figured out who GOTY 2015 was early, I find out juicy secrets about the future of My American Girl. My American Girl is getting a new name in May! It’s (drumroll, please)….. TRULY ME! And I have proof. American Girl Publishing stated books called Truly Me! And with the Innerstar U books on clearance, that hinted to it! And plus, no more charms. In the new Lovely Leapord PJs, there are no charms! Yay! My owner lost Sierra, Sydney and my charm necklaces, so it has been an annoying process for Sydney (the human) and her friend Madison. Here is the logo:

You see I’m smart! So there are rumors floating around about it. But there are no answers, yet.

1: Will innerstaru.com close down? I hope not because my owner just registered me in December. My username is Abigail4009, if you want to friend me.

2: Will Truly Me come with new meet outfits? I hope because Sydney has three True Spirit outfits and it’s annoying. Maybe Sydney can sell them on eBay! I also hope that it will come with new meet outfits because then the eBay process will be more demanding.

3: Will a new doll come out. I think (and hope) yes.

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