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I am reposting some of the questions from Olivia Rodrigo’s Q&A last night. (F is Fan and O is Olivia)

F: Do you think you’ll have more acting roles in the future?

O: Hopefully! If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be. As long as I’m having fun!

F: How did you make all those cupcakes at the baseball game scene?

O: I didn’t actually make them! A local bakery made them for us and they were really yummy!

F: How did you get into acting?

O: I started out as a singer first, and my singing coach suggested I take acting classes, and I fell in love with it!

F: What BeForever doll is your favorite?

O: Probably Kit. I love her story!

F: Was the Cookie/Macoroons Tower real?

O: Yes! It was real and it was really big!

F: What was the funniest scene to film?

O: The spy scene when we got to be in trench coats!

F: What is your favorite song from the soundtrack?

O: My favorite song was “We are the Girls” it has such a great message! It’s very inspiring.

F: Grace is a very organized girl who likes to make lists. Are you organized like her?

O: I actually am not. I wish I was like that. My room is always messy and I never make lists!

These are not all of the questions! These are actually my favorites. If you want to see all of them, go to this website:

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