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Lea's Summer Release

Lea's summer release outfit will be a white dress. I posted this on my old blog, but now that's gone, I'll post it here!

A beaded necklace or headband that will come with Lea's set. The beads are blue and green and has a white elastic. The beads are hung on by string and the necklace comes in a plastic baggie.

Golden sandals with a golden strap. The strap has a butterfly on it. The butterfly features a rhinestone on it. The right shoe has a copyright tag on it as well as the code "31058XC" printed on it. Velcro closure, probably.

White dress with a Bohemian-style pattern on the bodice. There is a golden belt on the bodice, too. The skirt of the dress has golden stiching and has blue and green triangles on the layers.


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