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Virtual Dolls: Ivy!

I'm starting this Virtual Dolls thing over because I got the Play and Display stand!


Name: Ivy (JLY 16)

Gotcha Day: 10-29-07

For What?: My sister's sixth birthday.

Ivy’s Favorites:

Food: Hamburger

Colors: Purple and pink

Movie: Any corny movie

Outfit: Anything sparkly

Sports: None, Ivy hates sports!

What she really wants: The iPhone 7

Fun Fact: Ivy wasn’t originally my doll, she was a birthday present for my sister when she turned 6. Nicki, Chrissa, Lanie, Ruthie, Sierra and Saige weren’t originally my dolls ethier.


Ivy is a Just Like You 16. Just Like You 16 was released in 1995, when the then-named American Girl of Today line came out. She, #13 and #19 are the only dolls from the original doll release in 1995 that are still available for purchase directly from American Girl today, as in 2016, not the doll line. Just Like You 16 dolls are easily mistaken for Samantha Parkington dolls. The only difference is that, if you look closely, Samantha's eyes are the light, decal brown eyes that were released in 1986 with the founding of Pleasant Company and are only used on her and Ivy (as in Julie's best friend, not the Ivy that you "played" with) , and Just Like You 16's eyes are the regular brown that debuted in 1993 with the release of Addy Walker and are used more commonly. BeForever Samantha dolls have feathered eyebrows, and both First Incaration Samanthas and Just Like You 16 have lined eyebrows. Just Like You 16 has modeled tons of outfits for American Girl's Truly Me line, like the Garden Party Outfit (2004-2005), the Petal Pink Outfit I (2001-2003) and the Photographer Outfit (2009-2011).

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