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Meet Katy Dickson

Katy Dickson isn't some new American Girl doll, silly! She's the new President of American Girl, who took over American Girl this year from Jean McKenzie, who also got assigned President of Fisher-Price in summer 2015 and decided to transition full time to Fisher-Price. McKenzie had been CEO of American Girl since 2012, who succeeded Ellen Brothers (2000-2012) and Pleasant Rowland (1986-2000). Let's learn about her past carreers.

She started her working life in 1992, just 1 year after Felicity released. While she didn't work for any toy companies before, she did work for 23 years at the General Mills cereal company. Over her 20 years at General Mills, she got promoted to Associate Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President and Marketing Director of Betty Crocker, Vice President and Marketing Director of Pillsbury, Vice President, Marketting Excellence & Campaign Intergration and Vice President, Buisness Unit Director, Meals. For one year in 2015, she worked at NewsCorp as the Exectutive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, News America Marketing Division of NewsCorp.

Sounds experienced! Maybe she will finally listen to me and make the next Girl of the Year have a disability! Or, maybe we'll get a great advertising campaign, because of her 25 years in advertising!


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