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American Girl Movies And My Ratings

Thanks to iTunes, my friend Simone and YouTube, I have officially seen every American Girl movie! I am putting what movie, the first (and latest) time I've seen it, my rating and rank of "Best AG Movie".

Starting with the first AG movie!

American Girl Doll: This movie poster has a snow-filled background with white powdery snow and snow-covered bared trees. In front of the trees are four black street lights producing yellow light. The street lights are covered with green Christmas wreathes in the shape of a donut topped with a red velvet bow. In front of it all are two horses (one brown, the other black) looking in opposite directions. In front of the horses is a red velvet seated sleigh with a black exterior decorated with a Christmas green wreath topped with red cranberries and one gold bell and a huge velvet bow. Inside the sleigh is a girl, Samantha. Samantha has black, wavy hair with bangs, brown eyes and light skin. She is looking at the viewer of the poster with a smile. Her right hand is on top of her left. Samantha is wearing a blue winter coat with white faux-fur trim and is wearing a matching blue cap on her head. Her gloves are made with plain white material and look satiny. The poster reads on the top, "Mia Farrow, AnnaSophia Robb as Samantha." In front of the sleigh that is holding Samantha, the poster reads, "Samantha- An American Girl Holiday: Presented By Tide." Below that, the poster says, "The WB World Premiere Movie- Tuesday, November 23" and displays the 1996-2008 logo of Tide, the 2000-2005 logo of American Girl and the 1999-2006 logo of The WB.

Movie: Samantha- An American Girl Holiday

Method of Viewing- Rented On Apple TV, Watched on YouTube, Got The DVD For Christmas Last Year

First Time- November 2014

Latest Time- March 12, 2016

Rating: 9 and a half out of 10 stars. I loved the movie, but the editing stunk. Oh, well. It was way better than Isabelle's.

Rank: Tied with Grace's movie for 4th, however, it's a HC movie, so it get's a advantage and is #3.

American Girl Doll: This DVD cover starts with a top gold banner that reads, "Full Length Movie" in big black letters. The rest of the DVD cover has a green velvety background. Just below the gold banner, in gold cursive big print, the DVD cover reads, "Felicity". In smaller but prominent white text in the same font at "Full Length Movie", it reads, "An American Girl Adventure". Below that is a picture frame of a nice sunny sunset. The sky is blue, with purple and pink clouds. The landscape is green grass with a deep green hill. In front is a young woman, Mrs. Merriman, who has brown hair and unknown eye color. She is shown with her left hand on her dress and her right hand showing a lantern. Mrs. Merriman is wearing a outfit from colonial times, a white mop cap that is able to show her brown ringlets and a green dress with a white cross on her sides and a white apron on her petticoat.

Movie: Felicity- An American Girl Adventure

Method of Viewing- Bought On Apple TV

First Time- December 2014

Latest Time- December 24, 2015

Rating: 9 and 3 quarters stars! It was amazing! I still can't believe that the actress who played Felicity is now the star of Divergent!

Rank: #2

American Girl Doll

Movie: Molly- An American Girl On The Home Front

Method of Viewing- Bought On Apple TV

First Time- January 2015

Latest Time- July 25, 2015

Rating: PERFECT 10 stars! It was BEYOND BEYOND! I really need to see it again sometime. Maybe during spring break.

Rank: #1

American Girl Doll

Movie: Kit Kittredge- An American Girl

Method of Viewing- Rented On Apple TV

First Time- October 25, 2014

Latest Time- Not seen since. Boo-hoo!

Rating: 9 stars! I loved the whole movie. I took away one star because it wasn't true to the books, however.

Rank: #5