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What If... Starring Isabelle

Nobody really likes Isabelle on here. Trust me, I hated her movie, but that was it and it is it. I loved her books, the doll (still kicking myself for losing her highlights 26 months ago) and her collection (except ugly green practice top). I decided to make a collage of Isabelle with different eye colors, hair colors and skin tones, to see what Isabelle YOU wanted Isabelle to look like.


The regular Isabelle Palmer doll has hazel eyes. The Isabelle on the left has light brown eyes, the one in the middle has gray eyes, and the one on the right has blue eyes. All three edits of Isabelle have blond hair and light skin.

Left- Isabelle with brown eyes, Middle- Isabelle with gray eyes, Right- Isabelle with blue eyes


The regular Isabelle Palmer doll has blond hair. The Isabelle on the left has brown hair, the regular Isabelle with blond hair in in the middle, and the edit on the right has red hair.

Left- Isabelle with brown hair, Middle- Regular Isabelle, Right- Isabelle with red hair


The regular Isabelle Palmer doll has light skin. The Isabelle edit on the left has the olive skin that debuted with Girl of the Year 2016, Lea Clark, the one on the middle has medium skin and the one on the right has dark skin. All three edits have blond hair and hazel eyes.

Left- Isabelle with Lea's skin, Middle- Isabelle with medium skin, Right- Isabelle with dark skin


There are nine versions of Isabelle Palmer, American Girl's Girl of the Year 2014, with eight of them being edits of her. The first row starts with a Isabelle doll with brown eyes that debuted with the launch of the American Girl of Today line in 1995. The next Isabelle in the row features gray eyes, which debuted with the start of Pleasant Company in 1986 (Molly had gray eyes). The last doll in the top row has blue eyes, which also debuted in 1986 (Kirsten had them). To start off the next row, there is a doll with brown hair, which also came out in 1986 with the launch of American Girl. The next doll (and also the doll in the middle of the whole Isabelle collage) is the regular Isabelle Palmer doll that was released in 2014 and retired at the start of the next year, with blond hair and hazel eyes. The last doll in the second row has red hair, which came out in 1991 with the release of Felicity Merriman, a doll from colonial times. The last row starts with a Isabelle doll with olive skin, which came out at the start of 2016 with the release of Girl Of The Year 2016 Lea Clark. The next doll has medium skin, which debuted in 1995 with the launch of the American Girl of Today line. The last doll in the last row has dark skin, which debuted in 1993 with the release of Addy Walker, a African-American doll from the Civil War. The former doll ends the collage of all nine versions of Isabelle.


I love getting comments, so I'm going to do a Comment Discussion Question at the end of every post.

Question 1: What Isabelle was your favorite?

Question 2: If I were to change another doll's hair, eye and skin colors, what one should I do?


1: I love the brown-haired Isabelle! Brown hair and green eyes is one of my favorite combos.

2: I think McKenna would be cool.


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