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Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Today is Rebecca's birthday! She was born this day in 1905, which makes her 111 today- haha!

The Rebecca Rubin doll has honey brown curly hair, light skin, feathered eyebrows, and yellow-hazel eyes. In this photo, she is pictured in her meet outfit from her release on May 31, 2009 to the BeForever revamp of the historical American Girl dolls on August 28, 2014. Rebecca is from 1914, just a couple of years before World War One, so she is in a red dress with a Peter-Pan collar, a golden button that is non functional and a golden hairpin that is the same color as the button. In this outfit, she came with the book Meet Rebecca.

In her books, Rebecca celebrates her birthday with a trip to a real-life movie studio- where she gets to play a small role in the silent film The Suitor.


1: What are you doing for Rebecca's birthday today?

2: Are you going back to school today?

A1: Nothing, I don't have Rebecca.

A2: Yes. Sadly, yes.


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