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New Stuff For AG Coming Thursday!

Here is the FULL list of what's coming out for AG on Thursday!

Girl of the Year: Lea (Or Mini Miss Brazil)

This AMAZING white dress that you've already seen before.

(Plus a matching one for girls!)

A picnic set. (She doesn't have a picnic in her books, and Saige didn't either!)

New Lea mini doll in her Rainforest Hike Outfit (which will come with a tree stand)

Finally, A New Purchase With Purchase!

The new Purchase With Purchase will be the Purple Peacock Pajamas that originally retailed for $24.

Truly Me

A new pet bed that will have a red, white and blue spaceship print.

A bathing suit with a swim cap (they haven't had a swim cap since Chrissa)

A leotard that we don't know if it's for ballet or gymnastics yet.

A cheerleading outfit that is blue and white.


New Dress Like Your Doll outfits

TWO! new outfits for Josefina

I am so happy that Josefina is getting some love this release!

What will you be getting?

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