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Melody Book 2 Chapter Titles and Inside Melody's World!

I found the chapter titles for Melody's second book. Here are they:

1- Melody Eve

2- Watch Night

3- Double-Digits Birthday

4- Challenges

5- The Block Club

6- Books And Banners

7- We March!

8- Wish List

9- Grandfathers And "Grandflowers"

10- Singing Together

11- Open Doors

12- More Letters

13- Important Work

14- Standing Tall

15- Civil Rights

16- Keep Going

17- A Playground And A Party

Here is the Inside Melody's World essay at the end of the book:

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What American Girl books do you have?

MY ANSWER: I have Meet Caroline, Sunlight and Shadows (Josefina), Secrets In The Hills (Josefina), A New Beginning (Addy), Shadows On Society Hill (Addy), The Lilac Tunnel (Samantha), The Curse Of Ravenscourt (Samantha), The Stolen Sapphire (Samantha), Lights, Camera, Rebecca, The Glow Of The Spotlight (Rebecca), Read All About It (Kit), Really Truly Ruthie, The Jazzman's Trumpet (Kit), the whole Maryellen series with mystery, the whole Julie central series with The Tangled Web, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, the Kanani series, the Saige series, the Isabelle series, the Grace series and the Lea series.

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