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Waiting For A Leak...

Right now I am going to try to leak Tenney (GOTY 2017). I'll try for a hour before I give up. While you wait, go to Cool Math Games and play some games on there! My personal favorites are Coffee Shop, the Papa games and Duck Life.

QUESTION OF THE POST: Who is your favorite GOTY and why?

MY ANSWER: I have to say Grace is my favorite because I have her whole world (minus those dang sell-out-early Paris Accessories). I also like Lea, Marisol, Isabelle, Chrissa and Lanie.

QUESTION 2 IF THE GAMES DON'T HELP THE WAITING: If you went to a alternate universe where you could get any retired doll you want for free, what one would you get?

MY ANSWER: There's so many to choose from! If it was only historicals, I would pick Marie-Grace. If it was only GOTYs, I would pick ethier McKenna or Kailey. If it was only Truly Me, I would pick number 48 for sure.

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