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Lea's Sales Are Dropping! But Why?

Grace Thomas was a great selling doll. I know. I saw sales of her during my couple thousand (no, I'm joking) times at AGP Charlotte and my one times each at AGP Los Angeles and AGP Orlando that were really good. I bought her three times (one for myself, one for charity and one for eBay in a couple of years). Everybody loved her. But one day at the American Girl Brainstorm Room, one person said, "Oh my goodness! Grace is selling so good! Let's make next year's GOTY travel out of the country, too!" And so Lea was born. And I am not the first to say that she is adorable. But is it just me, or Lea isn't selling well?

I know for myself. I go to the AGP Charlotte with my dad every week on Saturdays. When I went on Saturdays in 2015, I always observed the Grace section (and I always observe the Lea section too!). When I peeked, there was always like, 10 girls buying Grace dolls, and tons more at the doll hair salon/bistro/getting carried around. Now, I notice that there are only a few Leas getting carried around, none at the doll hair salon and about one to two at the bistro. And if there is a doll purchase, it's a Truly Me or a BeForever gang. I only see a Lea getting picked out once every 4-5 visits. And that is zero. I know that Saturday mornings aren't the AGP's peak (I mean, getting up at 10 am to visit the AGP isn't the average person's favorite thing!), but I think Lea is less popular.

And my verdict why? She's too similar to other GOTYs.

As noted in this collage, Lea and Grace look like the only relationship they could have are friends, classmates, or maybe even one of those cousins that they never heard about. But, their story is a bit similar. AG's big theme for Lea's collection is Lea's Brazil vacation, and AG's theme for Grace's is her Paris vacation. So, pretty much someone wasn't creative in the AG Brainstorm Room leading to this disaster of a GOTY money train. Plus, they both have snack stands (but Lea's is a bit more healthier, hint hint.)