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A Doll On My Bed?

When I got back from school today, I had a snack, went on here and posted, and then did the 20 minutes of Dreambox my teacher wants us to do every day until the End Of Grade test. When I was done, I went to my room to get my iPad to film, and then BANG! I saw a new doll! She's my 31st doll- crazy, I know. I will still hold out on more until Melody comes out (this is the longest time I went without getting a doll in a year (got April on Feb. 27)- oops!), but this was a total surprise and I only had the slightest clue. Want to know what doll I got? Watch her opening video here:

I will add her picture to the blog header tomorrow (so I can keep it a surprise) and I will put her Virtual Doll up when I pick out a name for her.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Name suggestions for my new doll?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: If you could choose any day of the year for you to get a doll randomly, what day would you choose?

I have no response for the first one, but I would want to get a doll on the Fourth of July one year. I have a big fear of fireworks and the noise it makes (I should dread New Year's too but there's the new GOTY coming out so yeah). But, I wouldn't able to get a doll for my diaversary (diabetes diagnosis anniversary).

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