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Wellie Wishers Events

Sorry that I'm a few days late, but I don't really like the Wellie Wishers, but they are growing on me. I might get the redhead to act as Maryellen's little sister, Beverly.

There are Wellie Wisher celebration events at American Girl stores starting June 24. Maybe this means that Melody won't get released until July or August. Please, American Girl, release her before July 22, because that's my diabetes diagnosis anniversary! Can I get her early, please?

"Discover the world of the WellieWishers: five sweet and silly friends who wish to do good deeds. At this free event, your girl will learn about the new characters, enjoy hands-on crafts, go on a scavenger hunt, and decorate her own cookie to eat! (limit 1 per child, while supplies last) Free and open to the public."

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Would you rather get a billion dollars or free food for the rest of your life?

MY ANSWER: A billion dollars.

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