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The Different Trailer! (Plus, 10 Cool Facts About The Movie)

If you didn't know, the trailer for my newest movie Different came out yesterday!

The movie is about a 10-year-old girl (she's my age, because this movie takes place in March-June 2015) named Rebecca Hansen. Watch to your own content, and for my friends who have YouTube blocked, I am putting the movie description on here:

Rebecca is well, different. She loves her dolls, likes to give to the poor, and, oh, she has autism. She only has Clara Holland or a friend, so the whole "popularity contest" aspect of Student Council elections would make Rebecca lose, but when she befriends new kid Holly, Rebecca decides to give it a shot. Changing the world is what she wants to do, right? But when a mishap with the permission slip happens, the principal kicks her out. The principal hates Rebecca because she's different. Pretty soon, Rebecca decides to protest at the election. With only Clara and Holly beside her, will the principal decide that being different is good?

OK, now that I told you what the movie's about, here are 10 cool facts about the movie!

1: Oh, how did I come up with the name Rebecca Hansen? Well, for the first name, I already knew that Marisol would be playing the lead role. But then, when I was generating names, a memory from around the summer where I was a rising 2nd grader. I was in American Girl camp (foreshadowing the fact that I'd be a big fan a year and a half later), and some girl came up to me and said, "Did you know that Rebecca was Girl of the Year 2005 before she was a historical doll?" Since that was all hogwash and the true Girl of the Year 2005 was playing the lead, I thought "Hey, let's name her Rebecca!" And for the last name, I came up with it in Las Vegas (where I wrote the majority of the Different junior novel that you can buy on Amazon). My sister got a meal from a grocery store in Vegas. The juice box that came with it was by a company named Hansen's, and I thought from there, "Ooh! Last-name potential!"

2: How did I cast the roles? First, I casted Marisol as Rebecca because when I got diagnosed with diabetes last July when I thought of the idea for Different, I brought Marisol to the hospital with me and the role would be like a "thanks for helping me" gift. I casted Grace as Clara because when I got Marisol last year off eBay, Grace was the first one to welcome her and they became BFFs from there! I casted Maryellen as Holly because Maryellen was coming out when I did the early pre-production stuff and I was so happy about the new doll. I casted Lanie as Brianna because she looks good in pink. Lastly, I casted Kaya as Natalie because if Lanie was going to be evil, then Kaya had to be by her side!

3: For a couple of months, I considered forgoing using dolls in Different and instead doing a live-action version of it, but then me and my friends had scheduling drama (one girl even had to quit because of cheerleading stuff) and I was like, "Hey, I can film it with my dolls, your voices can be in it, we don't have to be together because of awesome technology!" and life was good.

4: This movie was loosely based on my terrible fourth grade school year. I changed names, added events (when the movie comes out, I'll make a post on what happened in real life and what didn't) and made a WAY happier ending. The real ending, I'll add on the post. Spoiler: It's awkward. But I did get my happy ending.

5: The mean principal that inspired Principal Smith is leaving my old school. (inserts the song "Hallelujah" here)

6: The movie took 2 months to make and is 21 minutes long (not including credits).

7: My friend Madison was going to be/voice Clara in the movie, but the girl who quit was playing Natalie (who has less lines than Clara), so Madison switched to Natalie!

8: One of the student council election posters in a scene of Different has the McDonald's slogan on it.

9: In the student council election scene in the movie (0:53 in the trailer), I hid a character from one of my favorite TV shows in doll form in the crowd. She is in the Sugar T-shirt. Can anyone guess who it is? (Here's a hint- Spots on!)

10: In one of the scenes of Different, Clara wears a Zootopia T shirt, but Zootopia didn't come out until this year and Different takes place in March-June 2015. What a error I made!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What fact is the most interesting?

MY ANSWER: Hands down, fact 5. I screamed when I found out.

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