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Hump Day Shoutout!

Sorry this is a wee bit late, I had an OmniPod change (if you didn't know what that is go Google it it's saving my life from evil diabetes) and a tummyache. But I do feel better now and I am enjoying some cookies while posting this. And the shoutout goes to...


Yes, that's right! This is my first Hump Day Shoutout to a country other than my homeland of USA!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your favorite American Girl doll out of the Original Six? (Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, Felicity, Addy and Josefina) If you have her, how did you get her!

MY ANSWER: Felicity! I have her and I got her for free along with a Truly Me doll (Anna) and Kaya from my sister's awesome friend Yvonne.

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