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Leaving For Vacation!

This is it! Later today (I'm posting this at 5:30 AM, BTW), I will be on a plane heading for New York City! (I'm not going there, I'm going to Long Island, where I used to live) If you see a airplane today, wave hello, and I'll wave back! If it's not me, though, still wave! (It could make someone's day.) Maybe, eventually, you'll find me!

Because I can't pack my computer, I will not be posting for the rest of today, Saturday and Sunday. When I get home, the first thing I do is post. But you can still play puzzles and games and visit my site for the next 3 days! Just know that I'm not posting.

I'll miss you guys. You guys are like friends to me, even though you guys live all around the world and lead very different lives than the live I've known for years.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Surprise me! Leave me a note that I can read in the comments when I return!

MY ANSWER: Self, you are amazing. That's all I can say.

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