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Today, I'm coming back home! I can't wait to see my swingset, my puppy Snickerdoodle, and most of all, 30 of my 31 AG dolls! When I was on my trip, we looked nonstop for a Target to find card games at (but we found a Walgreen's that had some), went to the beach, my cousin's house for a birthday party and a concert. (Well- at least my mom, my sister and her friend went to the concert. I went to my other cousin's house and we played together- we didn't play AG dolls because they were boys!) But it wasn't as fun as filming videos and working on American Girl World 2.0 (yes, that's it's official name!). I can't wait to do what I love again.


MY ANSWER: Christmas, the only time of year people give to charity!

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