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New Truly Me Kitchen Set!

Finally Truly Me is getting their post-Grace set! The set is a kitchen, and was leaked when the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana announced a temporary store to be opening July 9th. Here's the set:

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The kitchen looks super fun to play with, and I can't wait to get it when it comes out during the holidays!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you ever seen a American Girl doll in public (other than the AG store?)

MY ANSWER: Yes! I've seen them twice. A couple years ago, I saw a #22 doll in AT&T and I was freaking out, and last year, I saw a Grace doll in Target. I happened to be wearing Grace's Meet Outfit for girls the day I saw Grace in Target, and the girl who was holding the doll (she was a 5 year old) said, "Look, it's Grace!" Then, I pretended to be Grace for the girl. That was awesome!

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