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Melody's Collection

American Girl accidentally put Melody and some of her collection on pre-order for AG Rewards members. Because Melody isn't supposed to go on pre-order until August 1st, American Girl took the listing down at 2:55 AM Eastern time. I missed out on getting the images for AGDN because I was asleep, but the items that were on pre-order have leaked before. Let's go reveal the official names!

This, is obviously the Melody Doll And Book. I love Melody and will go to the SouthPark mall in the afternoon on August 25th (her release date, and I'm going in the afternoon just to beat the crowds) to buy Melody. I'm keeping the doll and donating the book to a local library because I have the book already (thanks American Girl and Susan Jevens for giving the Melody series to me to review!).

Melody's accessories consist of a hat, sunglasses, a Civil Rights pin and a purse that isn't seen in this photo. I will tell you what I think of them below the image of the purse below.

I like Melody's accessories, but since the accessories are rumored to be $24, they are a bit overpriced for what you get. Even so, I will be getting these because of the $5 discount you get when you buy a doll and her accessories. I will be using a gift card I got for graduation to buy her accessories and....

MELODY'S FANCY FLORAL DRESS! This stunning outfit we have been seeing since December now has a name! The outfit comes with the dress, shoes and gloves. I love this outfit and I am totally buying it on the first day! I know Kaya will look great in this!

Also pictured is Melody's Hairstyling Set. It comes with the poofy wig that Melody is wearing and the flower on her glove. It reportedly also comes with a bow, too. I will not get it because it is a waste of money.

Last, but not least, we have Melody's dog, Bo! Bo is super cute and all, but I won't get him. I've decided to stop buying American Girl pet because I have too much pets. The only exception to that rule is if American Girl makes a Cavachon like Snickerdoodle. You can never have too much dolls, though!

OK, so now we are less than a month away from Melody's debut! I am super psyched for Melody to join my collection, and I will be staying up for Melody's release! I was going to stay up for the Wellie Wishers, but I got tired. That's what you get when you wake up at 5:30! Aside from Melody's collection, don't forget that there is a 75% chance that the Truly Me holiday release will happen on Melody's release day and there might be some stuff for other BeForever dolls like Maryellen, Josefina, Rebecca and Julie!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Melody will be the 100th unique American Girl doll that's been made.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Besides Melody herself, what are you most excited to purchase from the August 25th release?

MY ANSWER: The purple holiday dress!

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