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New Wellie Wishers Holiday Dress!

The Wellies are getting a holiday dress! The Wellies are getting a holiday dress!

Here it is:

This is perfect perfection! I would totally get this if I had a Wellie Wisher doll!

Here's a close up of the shoes:

The shoes kind of remind me of Tinker Bell's shoes. It's been ages since I believed in fairies!

Overall, I'm glad that American Girl is making more clothes for our sweet Wellie Wishers! I can't wait to see the Wellie Wisher show. Hopefully it's lives up to Martha Speaks or Charlie and Lola standards!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your guilty pleasure?

MY ANSWER: Watching Charlie and Lola. It was one of my favorite shows as a little girl, and I recently rediscovered it on YouTube.

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