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Waiting For Melody

BEEP! Two more weeks until Melody! Two more weeks until Melody! Two more.....

Oops! I forgot to make the Hump Day Shoutout yesterday! In that case, it's to Charlotte, North Carolina because my friend Madison was my 300th subbie!


Cue the hour-loop of Jeopardy music!

Fourteen days might seem like a LONG, LONG, LONG time. So, here are 14 ways to pass the time!

1- Play one of the games or puzzles on this site. There will be more games and puzzles coming out each day leading up to Melody's release!

2- Learn a new skill.

3- Watch all of the Basilmentos stopmotions ever made. Here's my favorite Basilmentos movie, Midsummer Magic.

4- Step outside. You will never know what you can find!