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American Girl New Doll! Who Will It Be?

Today's been full of BIG NEWS! Not only did Truly Me #65 leak, news of ANOTHER new doll got found, too!

As a lead-in to who the new doll is, my favorite video series from American Girl, Z Crew, is back! It hasn't had any episodes since November, which made me think it was cancelled for good. The first new episode in nine months is about a old-fashioned movie-making device called a zoetrope. Check it out:

That was a hint to who the new doll will be! You will be surprised about who it is. Clue #2- It's a familiar face! I was shocked when I found out who it was. But I got it from a reliable source!

On The Story Room, which is the company that makes Z Crew,'s website, they have a page for every client they have. It ranges from Food Network to Barbie to Barney And Friends to even the NBA! So it's obvious that American Girl has a page, too. The last paragraph on the page says this:

"The Z character was a hit, creating a new retail money stream for our client in the form of new products and an upcoming new character!"

So that means that American Girl







Who's excited to get their Z doll? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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