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Reader Pictures Of Melody Ellison!

Beautiful Melody Ellison comes out in only 11 days! A AGDN reader, Kailey, preordered her with AG Rewards and already has her. She took pictures of her and sent them to me. Before sharing, please ask Kailey, not me. All of these photos belong to Kailey.

Here's Melody in her box! She has a hairnet, which I'm happy about because I prefer getting new dolls with hairnets, and she has the same limb sleeves Lea has.

This is Melody out of her box! OMG I LOVE HER HAIR I LOVE HER HAIR! Can it be August 25th now?

Melody holding/wearing her accessories! But wait! Something's missing....

That's better! Melody's rocking those shades! And Bo wants to join in the fun, too!

This is Melody's dress without Melody wearing this. I wonder how Beth (my Addy doll) will look in this...

And Melody's accessories without a wearer. If I get Melody's Accessories, than Maryellen will steal Melody's sunglasses for sure.

YES! Melody is rocking her Fancy Floral dress! YASS DEE-DEE YASS!! I love Melody so much, I got my hair cut exactly like hers! I'll wear my bangs (I gave myself bangs for Maryellen's debut) and then BAM! Melody with light skin and glasses from 2016!

"Hi! It's Melody speaking. I just want to tell you guys to adopt my clones from the American Girl orphanage on August 25th! If everyone buys Melody, than American Girl will make diverse dolls!"

This is Melody's gloves from the Fancy Floral Outfit unopened. But what makes this picture a million times better is the Melody hair floating around.

Melody with the poof-thing from her hairstyling accessories.

And, now, Kailey's photos answer the $50 million question- "Does Melody have neck strings or a zip tie?"

A zip tie! I think why we've been getting dolls new from AG with neck strings is that they haven't sold all of the last dolls with neck strings yet. I think all dolls will have zip ties by 2017.

Are you excited for Melody? Of course I am!

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