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American Girl Doll Holiday 2016 MEGA-RELEASE Sneak Peek!

Along with Melody Ellison, the new holiday items will be released in just ONE MORE WEEK! I can't wait! American Girl put sneak-peeks of the new items on Pinterest. This is going to be a BIG release with tons of items, just in time for Christmas lists! Check them out!

First up is the new Truly Me kitchen. It comes with a lot of things! I made a collage of it and the image we saw when it leaked.

I LOVE IT! But I already have Grace's Bakery, so I don't need this set.

The next item is the gold "Bitty Baby" dress. It's actually a top with leggings, and is really cute! It even comes with a ring! Here it is:

(swoons a thousand times over)

The next item is a holiday baking set for Truly Me.

It's so cute! But I won't get it just because I have the holiday baking set from 2012.

The next item is the new Truly Me salon materials that I leaked! Each image is sold separately, but is in the same image because of post space.

I have the currently available salon set, so I won't be getting the chair or center. I might get one of the two hair care kits to steal the mist bottle if I lose my current one, though! Or, I just make my own out of a glasses cleaner bottle.

The next item is the holiday dress, which is being modeled on- you guessed it- #65! Hooray!

I love the dress and #65! I will ask for both the dress and the doll for Christmas.

The next item is the bi-annual "White Holiday Poof" outfit. And it's modeled on another new Truly Me doll, #66! Here it is:

Unlike most people, I am a big fan of the Holiday Poof outfits, and this one is no exception. I love it! As for #66, she looks a bit too much like Emily for my taste. She will be good for people who missed out on the beautiful Emily Bennett, but since I purchased Emily off eBay in mid-2015, I will not be getting #66 anytime soon. Maybe in a couple years, because I'm trying to collect all of the American Girl dolls. Get ready for a swarm of new family members, AGDN readers!

The next item in this post is the holiday penguin pajamas.

I like the pieces individually, but what I don't like about this outfit is that everything clashes. Oh, well. I'll still get it to maintain my four-year tradition of getting the holiday pajamas.

The next item in this release is the new Truly Me table and chairs set.

I love it, but I already have a table for my dolls. Pass.

The next outfit is the new Truly Me ice skating outfit! It's been two years since the current one came out, so it's time to switch it up!

The outfit looks so good on that dark-vinyl doll! My Addy doll, Beth is interested in skating, but I already have the one from 2012. Who cares? If I collect all of the American Girl dolls, then there most likely will be another ice skater in the family!

Josefina is getting not one, but TWO new outfits in this release! I think she is well overdue for a new outfit- she hasn't got one since 2007. Look at them!

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. That's all I got to say. Now, let me add this to my Christmas list! (Just kidding, I haven't made mine yet. I'll make mine in October.)

YESS! This is supposed to be Josefina's new holiday dress, and it's way better than her old one! I got her old one just for the hair accessory (I don't know the proper name), which I lost. Typical me! I love this outfit!

The next outfit is what I thought was Girl of the Year 2017's pajamas, but it's not. It's for Julie, who hasn't gotten a outfit in 2 years!

This outfit is kind of weird, in my opinion. I most likely will not get it. Hooray for my wallet!

The next two outfits are for Maryellen, who hasn't got anything since her release last year.

This is a play dress for Maryellen. It is too cutesy for my taste, and I will most likely will not be getting this.

Now THIS is what happened to Melody's supposed birthday dress! It's a dress for Maryellen! I LOVE IT! I'M GETTING IT!

And now, for the grand finale. Maryellen is getting a.....

FRIDGE! I love it! This has a 75% chance of making it on my Christmas list.

If you made it to the end of this post, bravo! Reward yourself with sweets! And the Different Junior Novel!

What do you want for Christmas? I want Truly Me 65!

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