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Guess Who Got Sonali?

If you guessed me, than congrats! You are CORRECT! I GOT SONALI EEP EEK!

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So, how in the world did I end up with Sonali? She costs an arm and a leg on eBay! So, here's the story of Sonali:

Early in the summer, my mom and dad decided on a behavior program for my school year. If you are new to this blog and have no clue, then I have Asperger's syndrome, which makes me sometimes stress out about little things and make them big things. My parents said that if I did good in middle school (good days all month), then I would get a doll per month. It sounds like a lot, but if I don't have motivation I do bad things.

Later in the summer, my Dad found a listing for American Girl dolls on the same bargain Facebook page that I got my Samantha doll from. It was a mother of a teenager that had 8 American Girl dolls she wanted to sell. They were $75 each and they had no idea what dolls they were. Dad didn't know either. So he FaceTimed me.

I declined twice because I was in the middle of reading a Kaya book. The third time, I gave in. He said, "A lady on Facebook is selling some AG dolls. I texted you the images if there's any dolls you want." I went on the Messages app and saw the 8 dolls. They were Lanie, Julie, Chrissa, Truly Me #23, Truly Me #56, Truly Me #35, and.... GWEN + SONALI!!! I said, "OMG TWO OF THE RAREST AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS ARE IN THIS!" Dad said, "OK! I'll get you the dolls! But you have to wait to get them for the dolls a month program." I was so happy!

I quickly took a shower, threw on some pajamas and went to a local restaurant with Dad to pick up Sonali and Gwen. I was so happy when I received a Forever 21 bag with Gwen and Sonali in them. I looked through the bag during the car ride home, and I was so happy. When I got home, Mom put the two dolls in a closet to wait.

Fast forward to this week. This week had some tough times, so on Wednesday morning Mom said, "If you make it through this week, than you can get your favorite doll out of the dolls-in-waiting early!" I was so happy. I made it through the week, obviously.

So welcome Sonali Matthews to the family! Doll #35!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The world record for American Girl doll collecting is at least 150 dolls.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: How many dolls do you have?

MY ANSWER: 35! 36 if you count Gwen-in-waiting.

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