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New Kitten!

Leaks two days in a row? The eBay people are spoiling me, because this hasn't happened since summer! The leaked item today is a kitten! It is not the Costco kitten that was pictured in the eBay photos, but a brand-new never-seen-before kitten! It looks plush, so I will assume it's for a new doll. It could be for the Girl of the Year 2017, but maybe it's for the new contemporary character that's supposed to come out in February. Here it is, without any further rambling, speculation or ado!

AWW IT'S SO CUTE GIMEE GIMEE THE CAT NOW! Sydney, you have too many dolly pets. BUT IT'S SO CUTE!

Here's the rest of the photos:

Too late of a warning, but this gallery contains CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: There has only been 1 Girl of the Year to have a pet cat, Isabelle.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your weakness that's not related to AG?

MY ANSWER: I have a weakness for sinful Miraculous fanfics.

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