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Sleepover Set Available At Costco!

A new Costco-exclusive American Girl doll set just debuted! It is called the Sleepover Set. It consists of a doll sized sleeping bag, some party stuff and.... DUNNN DUNNN DUNN DUNNNNNNN......

TA-DA! The fox pajamas I leaked last month! I really want them. My Nana has a membership there, so I'll ask her to pick the Sleepover Set up for me! My Mom also is getting a Sam's Club membership, so I hope they're also available at Sam's Club. This will look GREAT on Melody!

In other exciting news, Gwen's coming out of the waiting room today and I'm starting ASTB 3 filming today! I decided to put a mock plot on the announcement video's description, the real one will be in a future post. The newsroom's full!

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