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AGDN Interview: Kathleen Ernst!

Hi guys! Today I am going to be interviewing Kathleen Ernst! Kathleen wrote a few American Girl mysteries, as well as (more notably) Caroline's Central Series! She is also going to write Felicity's journey book, as revealed by Georgetown Publications. Here's the interview!


AGDN- American Girl Doll News (aka me)

KE- Kathleen Ernst

AGDN: What do you prefer writing- American Girl mysteries or the Central Series?

KE: Honestly, it's hard to choose. I pour my heart into every story I write, and work hard to create situations with meaning for the characters. It is fun to add the puzzle aspect to a mystery, but it's a different experience, not a better one.

AGDN: What did you like best about writing for American Girl?

KE: Creating Caroline's character and writing her stories was a real highlight! I had a wonderful time traveling to New York and Canada to visit historic sites and experience the landscape. I learned as much as I could about what girls' lives were like during the War of 1812. Then I used my imagination to create Caroline and her family and friends. I was very proud when those books were published.

AGDN: Caroline is very brave. Have you ever experienced a moment of confidence?

KE: I've never had to deal with the kind of challenges that Caroline faced in the books, thank goodness. But when I face a problem I do try to do whatever needs to be done. Girls and women in history inspire me! When I create a character such as Caroline, I want readers to both admire her and care about her. Caroline faced some tough problems, and I hope readers cared enough to want to see her problems solved. Her bravery as she tackled those problems was something to admire.

AGDN: I heard that your 20th American Girl book is coming out next year. Can you share anything with my readers about it?

KE: Not much, I'm afraid! "Gunpowder and Teacakes" will be released in February. It was a fun book to write, and I look forward to telling readers all about it as soon as I can.

Sorry, Kathleen! The cat's out of the bag! ;)

Thank you, Kathleen, for taking the time to answer my questions! I got Caroline in 2012 for Christmas (and also ruined her hair, yikes!) and own her Meet Caroline book and the Second BeForever volume. I hope to purchase Caroline's Secret Message and A Surprise for Caroline as stand-alone books on Amazon!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Caroline and her holiday bundle was the first ever 18' doll to be sold somewhere other than American Girl. Now it appears that American Girl's everywhere! Toys R Us, Kohl's, Costco...

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: I know who's retiring next! Should that news be in my next post or should I share the Special Dolls pictures (I got the Sydney's out of Sydney's Special Dolls, so now it's called Special Dolls) in my next post?

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