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American Girl Of The Year And Contemporary Girls Books!

On Scholastic's website, I noticed some new books listed without any release dates, authors or covers. Here's a list:

Gabriella McBride books-

  • Her third and fourth books, plus her boxed set!

Nonfiction History Books

  • Underground Railroad

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Pearl Harbor

Other GOTYS-

  • Fourth books for Grace and Lea, plus updated boxed sets for them

  • A short story treasury for no specific doll

Contemporary Girls

  • Tenney's third and fourth books, plus her boxed set

  • Another new doll's series, plus her boxed set

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Scholastic is the only publisher that has ever published American Girl books besides American Girl itself

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What books are you most excited about?

MY ANSWER: Lea's fourth book! The third one ended on such a cliffhanger, so I really want to see what happens next.

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