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American Girl Sales!

For Quarter 3 of 2016, American Girl's sales rose to a whopping 15% from Quarter 3 2015. I have a feeling that the WellieWishers, along with the deals with Amazon, Kohl's, Toys R Us and Costco are helping this rise. I predict that American Girl will have a strong finish for 2016 and I hope Gabriella will outsell Isabelle, Grace and Lea combined to push American Girl to not discontinue the GOTYs.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl made it's first million during it's inaugural holiday season.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: How many dolls have you purchased/gotten this year? List them if you want.

MY ANSWER: I told myself to only get three, but if you count the dolls in waiting, 12! Lea, Molly, April, Jade, Beckie, Samantha, Melody, Sonali, Gwen, SecretDoll1, SecretDoll2 and SecretDoll3!

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