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Holiday Stock Update!

Before I get to this post, I just wanted to say that yesterday, I got my first ever Wellie Wisher! I got Willa. I hope to get the rest of her friends soon so I can make the Wellie Wisher episodes with the actual dolls.

OK, now to this post! When I visited the American Girl store yesterday, I noticed that they were all decorated for Christmas. The holiday displays were up, the pink tree was up, they were playing Christmas music instead of their usual Bitty Baby morning music and there were garlands everywhere- even the restroom sign! So I figured I'd check on everything's stock online and see what is backordered or sold out.


  • Silver Print Cat Tee "Fur" Girls (Hey, I made a cat pun!)

  • Pink Tank And Brief Set

  • Adorable Accents For Dolls- Souvenir

  • Starry Doll Holder


  • Stripey Sleeper- until 11/11/16

  • Playful Print Skirt- until 12/9/16

  • Indigo And Dot Leggings- until 11/18/16

  • Samantha's Special Day Dress (more evidence that Samantha will be retired!)- until 12/2/16

  • Sparkle Spa Robe- until 12/2/16