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AGDN Movie Reviews: Trolls!

Today, in a rather jam-packed theater, I saw the movie Trolls. Here's my review of it:


1- A rated PG-13 movie trailer which I closed my eyes at. It's my rule of thumb of mine that I don't watch anything PG-13 until I turn 13.


3- Sing- I can't wait to watch it on Netflix when it comes out there! It seems so good, but I don't want to watch EVERY movie in theaters because they are currently remodeling my movie theater. That means that there were only half the screens!

4 and 5- Some more rated PG-13 ones. I still can't believe that they were showing previews for rated PG-13 movies when I was sitting next to a 5-year-old boy and behind a 3 year old girl who was kicking my seat the whole movie!

6- Smurfs: The Lost Village- They didn't give away any plot details, but the animation is way better than the last Smurfs movies.


8- Boss Baby- The trailer was so funny! I might see it if my theater is done rebuilding. After Moana (because I don't have the heart to miss Moana in theaters), I am done with seeing movies in theaters until the theater is done.

Now to the ACTUAL review!

What I loved: I loved Poppy and Branch, and I ship them now! I also loved how they revealed the reason why Branch isn't happy anymore so he wouldn't come off as a grumpy old man to the younger viewers. And I can't forget how awesome the message was!

What I liked: I liked the subplot with Bridget, the maid Bergen. It added to the message of being yourself really much. I also liked how they were showing Poppy's scrapbook through the whole movie.

What was OK: I didn't really like the mild bathroom humor, but doesn't every single animated movie do that nowadays?

What I didn't like: Nothing

What I strongly disliked: Nothing

Final Grade: 9.4 out of 10 stars (0.6 removed because of bathroom humor)

Conclusion: Trolls is a really fun movie for all ages. Just get rid of the bathroom humor and it will be perfect.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: People predicted American Girl would be just a fad. It wasn't.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the last movie you've seen?

MY ANSWER: It's obviously Trolls, but the second-to-last movie I've seen was Finding Dory.

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