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American Girl Sales!

American Girl has some sales going on for what I call Crazy Shopping + Crazy Movies Week! (I'm not lying about the movies part, a couple years ago I went to see Frozen on Black Friday and it was PACKED) Onto the sales!

American Girl has three new bundle deals from today to Sunday, November 27. The first one is a Bitty Baby one, and the second one is a girl's jewelry one, so I won't talk about those. But there is one that I'll talk about:

This is a Truly Me Horse collection. It is only $174 for the Prancing Horse, Saddle And Award set, Pretty Pink Riding Outfit, Riding Hat And Helmet and Western Plaid Dress until the 27th! Perfect for all of the horse fans out there!

And, from today to the 27th, when you spend $150 dollars or more you get a $15 off coupon to use December 1- December 15! How sweet is that?

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Even though Felicity released in 1991, her horse didn't release until 1998, seven years later!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite animal?

MY ANSWER: Dogs! I have two dogs, Snickerdoodle and Smores.

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