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Cyber Monday Sale!

This year's Cyber Monday sale is pretty cool! It is up early for AG Rewards members only, so sign up if you haven't already! If you did just sign up, here's the link to the sale:

It will be available to everyone tomorrow, so don't fret if you can't sign up!

Here's a overview of what is being carried:

-Furniture and accessories for assorted prices

-Truly Me earrings, rings and hair beads- 40% off

-Backdrops from last year's bundles for $7

-Saige jewelry for girls for half off

-Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set (sans bow made out of faux doll hair) for 85%

-Grace clothing for girls for around 60% off

-Assorted doll clothing for assorted prices

-Maryellen's Play Outfit sans shoes for 65%

-2016 mini dolls for half off

-60% off books


Sequin Skirt Outfit- $12:

Pale Pink And Tweed Outfit- $12:

Outfits that will be released tomorrow that are LEAKED!! are below:

Dark Pink And Tweed Outfit- $12:

Polka Dot Dress Outfit- $12:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The original American Girl dolls had squishy faces.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite day of the year?

MY ANSWER: July 22! It's my diaversary (diabetes diagnosis anniversary), and every year on that day I donate toys to the local hospital, have a big party with my friends and get a doll! Last year was my first diaversary, and it was awesome!

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