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Tenney Grant Details! Logan Everett Details! (UPDATED 2-10-17)

UPDATE (2-10-17)- Since this post is #2 when you type up Tenney Grant on Google, I decided to fill it up with all of the things I have learned since November about Tenney.

NAME: The first doll in a new line of contemporary characters is Tennyson Evangeline "Tenney" Grant. Her friend's name is Logan Everett. Logan is a boy and will also be made into a doll.

Story/Interests: Tenney is a singer/songwriter who plays the guitar. She has a pet dog named Waylon. Logan is a drummer.


I own three Tenney books! Here are the links to learn more about Tenney's story (spoilers included):




Tenney will have three books, as well as a character journal. You can get the first two books and the character journal now. The third book will be out on April 25, 2017.

Book one is called Tenney and is written by Kellen Hertz.

"Tenney's biggest dream is to share what's in her heart through music. Little does she know, she's about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. When Tenney gets invited to perform solo at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe, the pressure is on to write the song that will show what she's made of. But then Tenney's parents decide that she's too young to perform professionally, leaving her future hanging in the balance. What if this is Tenney's only chance to make her dreams come true?"

Book Two is called Tenney In The Key Of Friendship.

"Tenney Grant is a star on the rise. She knows that building a music career takes time and dedication. So does being a good friend. When Tenney and her best friend, Jaya, learn that a storm has ravaged the Bengali town where Jaya's cousin lives, they spring into action to raise money to rebuild her school. Meanwhile, Tenney begins rehearsing with a talented-and stubborn-young drummer named Logan. When their manager books the duo to play at Nashville's City Music Festival, it's a dream come true for Tenney-until she finds out that the performance is on the same day as Jaya's fund-raiser. It feels as if music is tearing these two friends apart. Unless, Tenney realizes, there's a way music can bring them back together . .

Tenney's Journal has been published by Scholastic. It is written by Molly Hodgin.

"Tenney Grant doesn't go anywhere without her songwriting journal! Her notebook is filled with lyrics-in-progress, favorite recipes and crafts, goals and to-do lists, ticket stubs and keepsakes, photos and doodles, and journal entries on life's big moments. Running parallel to the events in Tenney's first two novels, this beautifully designed scrapbook offers readers a deeper look into Tenney's world."

Tenney's third book is called Tenney Shares The Stage. It won't be out until April 25, 2017.

"Tenney & Logan are a harmonious match onstage, but behind the scenes, they are totally out of tune. With her recording contract signed, Tenney is ready to make the album of her dreams . . . she just wishes she didn't have to do it with moody Logan Everett! They're supposed to be songwriting partners, but Logan doesn't even seem to be trying. Just when it looks like they've found their harmony, Logan suddenly disappears, and Tenney wonders if he has bailed on their act. A couple of months ago, Tenney would have gladly taken the opportunity to go solo. But as she learns more of Logan's story, she begins to wonder: Do she and Logan need each other-and their music-now more than ever before?"

This is the Tenney doll:

This is the Logan doll:

COLLECTION: Here's the leaked photos of Tenney and Logan's collection:


A Canadian book selling site leaked details about Tenney Grant and her best friend Jaya! Here's the scoop:

Tenney appears to have blond hair and brown eyes. I'm hoping for a Marie-Grace Mold to make her look different than Kailey and Julie.

Here's Tenney's biography. The stuff in parentheses are written by me:

Name: Tenneyson Grant

Hometown: Nashville, Tennesee

School: Magnolia Hills Elementary (she has elementary crossed out) Middle School (hooray for dolls my age!)

Parents: Georgia And Ray Grant

Siblings: Mason and Aubrey

Pets: Waylon, a golden retriever (now we know who the golden retriever is for!)

BFFS: Jaya Mitra (and Sydney Jean.... just kidding!)

Hobbies: Playing guitar (that explains why the TM guitar was on sale on Cyber Monday!) and banjo, singing, writing songs, cooking with my mom

Biggest dream: To share my songs with the world!

Young Taylor Swift, anyone?

Her best friend is Jaya, a artist of color. (AG Contemporary best friend stereotypes rolled into one.)

I like Tenney and all, but wouldn't Jaya be a lit doll?

The website also leaked one of Tenney's journal entries:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first time American Girl had a white doll and a BFF of color that wasn't made was Lanie in 2010.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your favorite AG doll that has blond hair?



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