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WellieWishers Book Cover!

I found a book cover for the WellieWishers! It is the book cover of The Mystery Of Mr. E.

CREDIT: Amazon/Thu Thai

"WellieWishers." Ed. Thu Thai. Amazon, n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2016. <>.

I love this cover! Mr. E reminds me of my Nana's dog, Holly.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Did you know that the Bitty Baby line was started in 1990 as Our New Baby and had AG's first Black and Asian dolls?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is the most unique doll in your collection?

MY ANSWER: Probably Lea. Nobody else has that skin color or eye color or hair color in my collection. Plus, she and Melody are my only two dolls with the zip tie. I wonder if I get #53 for Xmas, will she have a zip tie?

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