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Felicity Book Covers!

I found more book covers for Felicity!

UNRELATED NOTE: I will not post about the recent rumors about Gabriela's collection, because I think it's not true.

A Stand For Independence- Book 2

SOURCE: American Girl Publishing

Gunpowder and Tea Cakes- Book 3 (Journey)

SOURCE: American Girl Publishing

2017 will be a very exciting year for AG fans, with Gabriela, the Contemporary dolls, Felicity and more! It seems like American Girl wants more space to cover all backgrounds.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Prior to BeForever, Felicity was the only doll with a meet outfit change.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite hair/eye combo?

MY ANSWER: I want a doll with red hair and brown eyes! When I'm old enough, I want to dye my hair red.

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