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Doll Of The Week: Grace!

If you haven't read my post Jessica's Journey, where I explained my new Doll of the Week program (and added my first custom to the family!), here's the text about the Doll of the Week:

"As my collection keeps growing, my website keeps getting slower to load because of all the dolls on the header. So, instead of having all my dolls on there at once, I decided to have a Doll of the Week section on the header! Each week, I'd draw a doll name in a hat to be the Doll of the Week, where her photo will be up on the AGDN header for the week (Sunday- late Saturday). There'd also be a post all about her!"

So, the first name I randomly selected was Grace's name! Grace will be on the AGDN header for a week (Dec. 18- Dec. 24).

Grace was the 2015 Girl of the Year doll, and now is the 1st Doll of the Week!

I got Grace on January 8, 2015 as an early birthday present. It was my second time getting a doll at the American Girl store, and the manager opened Grace for me because she was amazed by how much I knew about American Girl (half my knowledge now!).

My Grace loves gymnastics. Any event, any type- she'd even do men's gymnastics! She also loves to bake and runs La Patisserie, a French baking shop. At gymnastics meets, she brings out her pastry cart and watches the costumers flow as she performs! Grace is sweet and would do anything for her friends, but she has a bad security system- which allows Kit and Lanie to steal sweets often!

Here's a list of roles Grace has played in SM Network stuff:

AG Adventures- Herself, Healthy Halloween Girl (in Halloween Special)

Live In Peace (pilot)- Christy

How To Save a TV Channel- Alyssa Armstrong

Anita Stops The Bullying 2- Mrs. Mayor

The 10 Year Old President- Miss Rodrigo

Lindsey: An American Girl Story- Mrs. Bergman

Different- Clara

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Grace sold out two days prior to her archival, on December 30, 2015.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite Grace item?

MY ANSWER: Her bakery for sure! I also love her bistro chair.

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