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Gabriela's Collection!

The Facebook page Hello Savings has been sharing images of Gabriela's collection left and right! She allowed me to post all the photos with credit. I love Gabby's collection!

*ALL CREDIT GOES TO HELLO SAVINGS: https://www.facebook.com/Hellosavings/"

First- the doll!

(Don't worry- the text is not there in real life!)

But this is the new box! I personally don't care. I like how it can be recycled more easily than the old boxes or I can use it for a sled in the winter.

Here's some more photos of Gabby's collection:

This is Gabriela's accessories!

These look awesome, but pricey. ONLY if there's a exclusive collection.

DANG IT! Her tap shoes are sold seperately.

This is the same outfit that leaked a couple days back. It looks like they are updating the packaging to be more WellieWisher like.

And now, a new item....

GABRIELA'S PERFORMANCE CASE! This looks so cool. I know it is like Marisol's, but I was just a baby when it was out in American Girl, and the target audience wasn't even born yet. I will give the mixing screen and headphones to my dear DJ Melody (unless it has a role in Gabriela's book and they can be a team- Melody + Gabby!) and give Gabriela the rest- even though I'm calling her Gabby, her real name could be Gabriela. I wonder what the other screens are....

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Marisol's collection was very popular, selling out completely before Christmas. I'm hoping Gabby's collection sells like hotcakes! The type of representation is really cool because every year, they give us a regular white doll!


MY ANSWER: Gabby for sure! I love Lea so much that she's the star of MMCAD, but Gabby is just breathtaking! I've asked repeatedly to the AGP Charlotte people to get a Gabby from the back for me!

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