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Girl of the Year 2018/Contemporary Character Name!

American Girl trademarked a last name for Luciana, a doll name trademarked earlier this month! Could this mean that she is the Girl of the Year for 2018 (if the rumors of Gabriela being the last one are false) or a future Contemporary Character? Special shoutout to @agvickimq on Instagram for bringing this to my attention! It wasn't on my usual trademark site, but it was on another one.


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I love this name! My research shows that the last name Vega has Spanish/Mexican roots. Does this mean a Latina doll? If the GOTY-ending rumor is false, AG would be going great because there's the line's first African-American/disabled girl in 2017, another Latina girl in 2018 and so forth! A Asian in 2019, anyone?

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Addy was the first mainstream African-American doll that was realistic to the African culture.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think Luciana Vega will be?

MY ANSWER: I'm hoping for the GOTY line to not end, but Contemporary dolls are cool, too!


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