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Gabriela Revealed!

It's official- Gabriela is the 2017 Girl of the Year! About 20 cute little girls got her early- I was cheering them on because the black girls were SO happy to see a doll like them and the white girls didn't care what skin color she had! They also revealed some pieces from her collection, including her big ticket item for now, until when the real BTI comes out in the spring.

ABC News ( says this about Gabriela:

"Gabriela is described in a press release from the doll maker as a “true creative talent” who uses poetry to help “break down barriers” and overcome her “personal challenge” of stuttering.

Gabriela comes with a book and performance-inspired outfits, plus a microphone and pretend headphones. Additional Gabriela products and books will be available starting in spring 2017, according to American Girl.

The series of three books about Gabriela are authored by Teresa E. Harris. The books will chronicle Gabriela’s childhood in a family of artists and how finding her voice through poetry helps Gabriela save her beloved community arts center from destruction.

In addition to the books and doll, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to release a curriculum program, “Express Yourself,” to teach poetry to students. The program will also feature a poetry contest for kids to celebrate National Poetry Month in April."

I can't wait for Gabriela to release!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first year of Good Morning America's GOTY reveal, only four girls got the GOTY (Isabelle) early, much to the sadness of the others. AG and ABC claim that the other girls got the dolls off-screen, but this has not been proven true.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: I know there's 3 days until Gabriela, but who can't wait to see GOTY 2018?

MY ANSWER: MEEE! And 2019, and 2020! Gosh, leaking is a full time job.

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