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The Big Reveal...

I am going to reveal my film festival entry right now!!!

It is...


"Maesi Myer has grown up with a lot of expectations. Her Latina mom expects her to learn the whole Spanish language by the age of 15, and her white dad expects her to clean her room twice a day. But when Maesi learns how to play football, she wants to join the school team. However, it’s for boys only and girls have to be cheerleaders. Her parents expect her to be a cheerleader, but Maesi doesn’t quit. She teams up with a seventh grader named Taylor Pitt and a shy reporter in her class, Jen Carter, to try to get the coach to let her play."


Maesi Myer as herself

Camille ElGraw as Olivia Myer

Amelia Hawkins as Maria Myer

Kit Kitredge as Bob Myer

Emerald Chase as Taylor Pitt

Jade Cleveland as Jen Carter

Beckie Parkington as Mrs. Sweden

Sonali Matthews as Coach Patel

It will release on 5.14.17 for the public. Hopefully, maybe, there will be a special screening on 5.3.17 at 6:30 pm at Ayrsley Grand Cinemas 14!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Every AG film (with the exception of Kit's movie) has been either direct-to-video, made-for television or made-for Amazon.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the last AG movie you've watched?

MY ANSWER: Maryellen: Extraordinary Christmas.

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