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Tenney Information Haul Part 2!

I finished reading Tenney! Here's my notes:

Character List

Jaya Mitra- The artist best friend who is of Bengali descent.

Ray Grant- Owner of a music shop, "Grant's Music And Collectibles", and leader of the Tri-Stars.

Jesse- The primadonna lead singer of the Tri-Stars who quits the band.

Mason Grant- 17 year old brother.

Mom- Owner of a food truck, "Georgia's Genuine Tennessee Hot Chicken". She got a record deal from Silver Sun Records, but they wanted her to lose 10 pounds and dye her hair blond and wear makeup, so she quit.

Aubrey- Tenney's 7 year old sister who is full of energy and a big fan of Belle Starr.

Mrs. Carter- Tenney's homeroom teacher.

Holliday Hayes- Mean girl stereotype. Holliday's dad is the vice president of Silver Sun Records.

Portia "Patty" Burns- A senior at the senior center who Tenney works with for her music and the school jamboree.

Frank- Jaya's jamboree partner.

Ellie Cale- A A&R Coordinator for Mockingbird Records. Ellie discovers Tenney playing inside the music shop.

Ms. Pavone- Tenney's nosy neighbor.

Zane Cale- The CEO of Mockingbird records who becomes Tenney's manager.

Chapter List

1- Lost In The Music

2- Hot Chicken & Bright Lights

3- The Jamboree

4- Lillian Street Senior Center

5- Center Stage

6- Ellie Cale

7- Find Your Voice

8- Sunday Supper

9- In The Spotlight

10- A Breakthrough

11- A Stronger Bridge

12- Printers Alley

13- A Second Chance

14- Nothing Special

15- Backflips and Butterflies

16- The Bluebird Cafe

17- Feeling The Heat

18- A New Debut

19- Just The Beginning

Some of the plot points will be the same as Tenney's Journal because the same thing happens, just in greater detail.

Plot Points

-Waylon is named after Waylon Jennings, a 70's country singer

-Tenney is at Tri-Star practice, when Jesse doesn't want to practice

-Tenney wants to perform for her, but needs to play guitar

-Tenney goes with the food truck to a Belle Starr outdoor concert, and Tenney is inspired

-Tenney's mom recorded with Silver Sun Records

-Tenney and Jaya have the same homeroom

-The Jamboree is Magnolia Hills Middle School's fall festival.

-The Jamboree takes place at the senior center

-The Jamboree has a Southern Hospitality theme

-Tenney wants to perform at the Jamboree, but is too scared

-Jaya runs for Jamboree chairperson, but Holliday wins

-Tenney is forced to work with Portia for the Jamboree, who Tenney deems boring.

-Jaya has a artsy partner, Frank, who Jaya is really happy with

-Tenney's mom calls Tenney "Dreamy" when she is songwriting.

-When Jesse quits the Tri-Stars, Tenney performs 2 songs for her

-The Tri-Stars are named after Tennessee's state flag

-Tenney is helping out at her dad's music store when she falls in love with a "aqua mini Taylor". AKA, this:

-Ellie Cale comes into the music store and hears Tenney sing. After that, she wants to put Tenney in a Bluebird Cafe showcase.

-Tenney's parents aren't thrilled, but Jaya is really excited

-Tenney finds out that Portia plays guitar

-Portia gives Tenney advice to convince her parents to play at the Bluebird

-Tenney's family has a Sunday Jam tradition, where they play music together every Sunday night

-Tenney's mom plays the autoharp

-Mom tells Tenney what happened at Silver Sun Records.

-When Tenney's class goes to the Ryman Auditorium for a field trip, Tenney feels so inspired when she gets to stand on the stage.

-This leads to Tenney signing up for the Jamboree.

-At home, Tenney has songwriting troubles. She decides on writing "Reach The Sky", a song about her mom, when she sees a family drawing of Aubrey's.

-Tenney learns that Portia hasn't played the guitar ever since her stroke, but Tenney shows Portia her song and she loves it.

-Mason takes Tenney to perform on the sidewalk at Printer's Alley, and she overcomes her stage fright there.

-Tenney tells her parents that she performed, and Tenney & Mason both get grounded. Tenney cries because she wants to live her dream.

-After Tenney sings her mom her song, Mom lets her perform at the Bluebird.

-Holliday bullies Tenney about her performing

-Aubrey picks out this outfit for Tenney to wear at the Bluebird showcase:

-Dad gives Tenney a gift from his store- Tenney's aqua guitar!

-Jaya makes a Tenney Rocks shirt to wear at the Bluebird. Best Friend Goals!

-Portia comes to see Tenney at the showcase. Mom recognizes her as Patty Burns, and that's when Tenney realizes that Portia is famous.

-Holliday and her mom come to the showcase for Silver Sun Records, and Tenney feels nervous

-Tenney has a technical issue at the beginning of her performance

-People loved Tenney, but Tenney didn't feel like she did her best.

-Zane Cale, the CEO of Mockingbird Records, says that Tenney has potential

-At the Jamboree, Tenney's performance goes viral

-Zane becomes Tenney's manager.

I'm done! Yay! Off to read Tenney In The Key Of Friendship! Those points will be up later.

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