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Tenney Information Haul Part 2!

I finished reading Tenney! Here's my notes:

Character List

Jaya Mitra- The artist best friend who is of Bengali descent.

Ray Grant- Owner of a music shop, "Grant's Music And Collectibles", and leader of the Tri-Stars.

Jesse- The primadonna lead singer of the Tri-Stars who quits the band.

Mason Grant- 17 year old brother.

Mom- Owner of a food truck, "Georgia's Genuine Tennessee Hot Chicken". She got a record deal from Silver Sun Records, but they wanted her to lose 10 pounds and dye her hair blond and wear makeup, so she quit.

Aubrey- Tenney's 7 year old sister who is full of energy and a big fan of Belle Starr.

Mrs. Carter- Tenney's homeroom teacher.

Holliday Hayes- Mean girl stereotype. Holliday's dad is the vice president of Silver Sun Records.

Portia "Patty" Burns- A senior at the senior center who Tenney works with for her music and the school jamboree.

Frank- Jaya's jamboree partner.

Ellie Cale- A A&R Coordinator for Mockingbird Records. Ellie discovers Tenney playing inside the music shop.