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Sewn-On Underwear Photos!

American Girl revealed the sew-on underwear today! Here's a photo:

(The one on the middle is the new sewn-on underwear!)

American Girl did a great job with this change! I couldn't even tell!

Here is what AG said about the FaceBook complaints:

"A message to our fans;We take our customer comments very seriously, as well as any changes to our dolls. We would never change our dolls without careful consideration, and we want to address feedback received about the new underwear design, which will eventually affect all of our Truly Me dolls; the BeForever characters Julie, Melody, and Maryellen; and some of our contemporary dolls to come.For those who haven’t seen it yet, below is a side-by-side picture for comparison. The doll on the left is in a pair of our existing briefs; the doll in the middle features the new design; and the doll in the swimsuit has the new underwear design underneath. As you can see, the underwear will not interfere with any of our doll clothes and should not interfere with our swimwear. Doll play is fueled by imagination and the new underwear design should not hamper a girl’s ability to create limitless play opportunities.We appreciate all the feedback. We love our fans and love how passionate this community is about American Girl. We care deeply, too."


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: This is the first radical body change since 1991.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Rant all you want- talk about AG's changes.

MY ANSWER: Me on the biggest issues right now-

New packaging: I respect that they had to change the packaging to reduce theft and fit in at the new retail partners. I love the new doll packaging, but they could've improved on it by just decorating the front and the back and using the same open and lift style. The clothes are hard to get out, so they could've just decorated the clothes box.

Tenney and Logan's hands: They are made for holding stuff! So they are cool! Unless they use them for other dolls. But they fit Tenney and Logan.

Using the Kaya mold for Logan: Bad idea overall, but I am making my Logan part Native. However, the Kaya mold is one of my favorites, so I am pretty hyped to see it again!

Putting no effort into Gabriela: TERRIBLE IDEA AG. You better make up for this by giving Gabby some original stuff, some WOW! stuff and a Amazon special. And a couple more DOCs/disabled dolls.

Sewn-on underwear: Not a big deal.

Zip ties: It's hard to move doll heads and eye swap and tighten limbs, but it's OK.

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