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AG Facebook Live Stream News!

AG had a live stream today discussing all of these new dolls! Here's some facts for you to know so you don't have to watch the whole stream like I did:

-Gabby's collection sneak peek:

New outfit, Gabriela Speaks Out book, chair and ottoman, loft bed with working light, girl purse, girl headphones.

-Girl of the Year won't be going away!

-Tenney's guitar plays pre-recorded songs!

-Tenney and Logan are NOT dating.

-The "American Girl Special 4" on June 9 will be for Z!

-This is Nanea's meet accessories:

-Nanea is pronounced "nuh-nay-a".

-Nanea's meet book is called "Growing Up With Aloha". Here it is:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: AG's first FaceBook Live was a Melody-themed one.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Ever watched a live stream from anyone?

MY ANSWER: No! But I have New Year's Eve specials and other fun streams.

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